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Executive Summary



This website provides an abstract of the project efforts and the project's location and layout.

The NE/SE Connector Roads Project will realign and extend Rabbit Road to the west to intersect Richards Avenue at Dinosaur Trail, which will also be realigned. The project will extend Avenida del Sur, east of Richards Avenue to intersect with the new SE Connector arterial roadway.

The SE Connector will link Avenida del Sur and Rabbit Road and will create intersections for College Drive and Oshara Boulevard. Additionally, the Spur Trail parking area will be repositioned along the SE Connector, just south of the Spur Trail crossing of SE Connector.

Purpose & Need

The purpose of the NE/SE Connectors Project is to provide the arterial roadway base network to, through and around Santa Fe Community College and the surrounding developments.

The need is based on lack of area connectivity, as the area is not fully developed, and to refine poor intersection geometry and improve the safety of pedestrian accessibility to the existing and new trail network.


1. Intersection alternatives at Avenida del Sur and SE Connector

a. Roundabout

b. Standard side street stop

2. Intersection alternatives at College Drive and SE Connector

a. Roundabout

b. Standard side street stop


The project encompasses the intersection of Richards Avenue and the realigned Dinosaur Trail, as-well-as the Richards Avenue, Avenida del Sur intersection, Rabbit Road and the new SE Connector. For a more detailed view of the project visit the Project Layout.  

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